Top 5 Motivational Videos

Let’s get straight to it!

My Top 5 Motivational Videos are hand selected based on what effectively impacted me the most from my experience of the video. Whether these motivational videos contained incredible visuals, compelling background audio, or both this list covers it all. I strongly urge anyone to utilize these 5 videos during hard times to feel a surge of motivation these videos possess. (If you have any time I also encourage you to leave a comment with any feedback at the bottom.)

Once again I thank everyone for taking the time out of your day to read my blogs. I appreciate you!

The Mind ~ Mateusz M

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 This video is definitely one of my favorite Mateusz video’s out there. I’ve seen a lot, believe me. I enjoyed this one from the hypnotizing voice that challenges you to search for that tiny light in your darkness.

Throughout the video I love how the speaker talks with a calm tone that starts to electrify you with inspiring words. The background music correlates with the voice because his tone becomes aggressive and the audio works its way toward a climax at the same time. What I took from this video was that we all dream about what we want in life and what we consider successful, but the video forces us to identify this unique dream of success and also help us take action towards our dream no matter the complexity of our path is.

Right when the speaker finishes, the music reaches its climax and dissipates rapidly; leaving you in silence. Everything seemed euphoric and dreamy, then before you realize it; the voice and audio quickly silence leaving you back in your quiet reality.

This video is worth watching multiple times for a complete understanding.

When It Hurts – 2016 Motivation ~ Basquiat Picasso

 ( )

 “My Dreams Don’t Live Down There!” is a phrase that is used in this video which has impacted my focus in every way. The video begins with a scene of Matt Damon as a custodian from the movie, “Good Will Hunting”. Where he’s solving a problem that’s being displayed in a hallway of MIT.

As the beginning starts, the first audio clip talks about acknowledging who you surround yourself with. “If you run the hundred yard dash with people that can’t run as fast as you, yea you’ll win… hands down, you know that. But if you run with people much faster than you, you might come in last every time, but your time will be better.”

Understanding this phrase in the video helped me understand that being the best and doing your best are two different concepts that will play into who you become. As the visuals change from the movie scenes of Good Will Hunting, they begin to cast light on various athletes. Champion athletes known worldwide working behind the scenes, displaying a representation of successful results from pushing yourself beyond limits.

The video has multiple speakers and different audio quality with each one. However, it keeps you entertained listening to multiple people all having something valuable to bring forth.

You should definitely check this one out!

Be Tougher Than Your Life Is – 2016 Motivation ~ Basquiat Picasso

 ( )

This is another video by Basquiat Picasso. This video starts out with Giavanni Ruffin waking up early and thinking about his past obstacles with his professional football career.

While the audio in the background are from different speakers, some with poor quality; you can watch his daily regimen with the focus for himself to get better with his profession. Every day he wakes up and works to become better, meanwhile the speaker convinces you to stay out of your comfort zone and continue to raise the bar for yourself.

This video is an inspiring concoction that leaves you wanting to attack your goals head on. The cherry on top is placed with the video closing out with Kid Cudi talking about your belief and work ethic determining your success.

A video worth your time!

Motivation: When You Just Feel To Give Up ~ Ankit Pal

 ( )

 The fourth video is an hour long of inspiring excerpts from multiple motivational speakers. I put this on my list because once a week I like to put this on and go for an hour long run. Having this play in the background gives me the support I need to continue moving forward with motivated strength.

The video is mostly intended for people that are considering giving up. Usually while I jog, the joy of slowing down seems to be overwhelming. So this hour long wave of energy always helps fight that feeling off efficiently. There isn’t much visuals provided, since it’s really only one picture throughout the hour but once again the video was chosen mostly because of how great it can play as “background noise.”

The video you can listen to while you work!

Inspirational – How Great I am ~ mbm34

 ( )

 This last video has been viewed over 27 million times! With great visuals and excerpts of multiple different movies like Rocky, Pursuit of Happiness, Friday Night Lights, and more; you’re guaranteed to be left inspired after watching this video.

The intention of this video is for you to realize the importance of being confident.   They do a great job illustrating this belief by sampling and quoting past moguls. Their assurance in themselves played a major factor in the success they achieved. The video does a great way of breaking down the concept and proving to you that once you begin to believe in yourself, the universe will make way for you.

Empower yourself with this one!

**Videos not placed in specific order.


Thank you again for reading, I hope these videos do as much good as it did for me!

Stay Motivated!!


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