The Mind of Eden

I realize how the mind correlates amongst gardens. Like plants, we nurture and cast light to where we desire growth. Feeding our thirst for knowledge through informative mediums somehow seem beyond remarkable. I’d proclaim reading as the ultimate “watering” for knowledge. However, this day and age, we’ve expanded that intake. From libraries to websites, letters to clips, images to audio; our focus directed towards learning helps us discover all that we inquire.

I find it fascinating, our potential reach for education. Wide array of options, multiple forms of access to different perspectives; different minds that give us insight of memorable experiences. One can only assume with ambition, we conquer. Through our glory, we find wisdom and from wisdom grants growth. The mind of eden lies within us, the garden we raise like children. Enlightenment sought out and obtained, solely based upon our own wish to do so.  As our years tick like seconds, we pass on something greater than what we’ve learned. We share our growth, forever expanding our garden. The eternal passing of an intellectual baton.

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