How My Life Changed After Reading “The Alchemist.”

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About a week ago, an old friend randomly sent me a text out the blue, “Are you ready for this wedding?!” As my mind shuffled through mental files of future reservations, his older brother’s wedding turned up swiftly. “Are you ready to nail this speech?!” I asked him in reply, showing recognition for the impact he played in the event and his brother’s life.

With his guaranteed response that closely reflected the determination he held, I had already begun to anticipate the carefully chosen words he would broadcast to the two kind hearted people and their families that upcoming Saturday.

“Let’s hang out this week and catch up before the wedding,” I added. As he agreed with the idea, we set up a time to meet the following day.

That next evening, we sat and talked about the class he teaches at UIC and about my business ventures I have tapped into these past couple months. In the middle of our conversation, he pulled away for a couple moments and returned with a small reddish orange book that looked to hold at max 200 pages inside. As he scribbled a couple words in the beginning of the book with a nearby pen, he pushed the book over to my side of the table all while still listening to the ending of my rant about “Asset Columns.”

After I finished talking, I politely thanked him for giving me the book. I observed the engravings on the front cover and felt the power it held in between my fingertips. The bottom read out the Brazilian author’s name, Paulo Coelho.

Two days and 200 pages later, I had awoken with a new outlook on life.

The Alchemist, for starters, is about a boy named Santiago that follows through on a journey that begins as a treasure hunt that he had dreamt up twice, but ends up becoming what would be his own “Personal Legend.” As he navigates his way through hardship, success, foreign territory, and his own neighborhood, he begins to understand the importance of learning from life experiences and growing from your own intuition.

The whole book is loaded with life lessons, starting with the story of Narcissus and the idea of recognizing what he possessed within. Narcissus may have originally seemed to be a story of vanity, but after much thought I think this was as a way of understanding the importance that Narcissus was concentrated on himself and his “Personal Legend.”

Through nature he saw the beauty he possessed, and at the same time he allowed nature to recognize it’s own beauty from his presence. It displayed the benefits of helping others while pursuing his own desires. If that doesn’t give you enough reason for following through with your own “Personal Legend,” than just remain patient because there’s more where that came from!

The next part on the list that the book covered was the story of happiness. This story was a bit astray from the idea of sticking to your journey but had become important nonetheless.

A boy is given a spoon with two drops of oil and told not to spill any of it as he walks through a huge mansion with multiple sections of entertainment. As the boy intensely focuses on keeping all the oil on his spoon, he doesn’t even pay attention to the beauty within the house. Once he returns to the owner of the mansion, the man questions the boy on all the beauties his mansion possesses. The boy shamefully admits to not paying attention to any of it since he had tried not to spill any oil.

He is then addressed to recheck out what he had missed. When the boy returns, he seems flabbergasted by everything he saw in the man’s home. When the man notices that the boy doesn’t have any oil left on his spoon, he then explains to the boy the idea of happiness. “The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon.”

As the book continued on, Santiago gave up his life of being a shepherd to chase after his “Personal Legend.” With a dream that he experienced twice, his trip to the pyramids of Egypt became the X on his treasure map. The boy works his way through African bars, bazaars, and the Sahara Desert. Not to mention, he meets a king, a gypsy, a thief, a business owner, and an Alchemist. All of these figures play important roles in his journey including the King of Salem who teaches the boy about omens (spiritual signs) and how to listen to them on his trip. I liked this part especially because it helped open his eyes to see things before they unfolded. Which ultimately helped him ready himself for the tragedies that lurked around the corner.

As you follow along with Santiago on his voyage, you pick up on spiritual habits that you yourself can apply to your own journey. My intuition has gained a new sense of strength after reading this book. The idea that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” is mind blowing and should be spread throughout the world like a global wildfire.

The ending of the book holds a coincidental twist, which will leave you in awe. I am not a story spoiler so make sure you read it yourself to find out!

Although one important lesson I took from this book is the “faith” you have to have towards going after your own legend.

At some point in life you will feel like your goal is unreachable, but once that first step is taken.. “All of the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it.”

This book has not only empowered my mind on the spiritual connection we humans have with the world, but it has also given me the strength I need to journey whole heartedly into my own dreams..

Thank you for listening!!



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